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What is Prashna Kundali ?

Do you Know that 75% of the world's population doesn't know its exact Date of Birth or Time of Birth and uncertainity in any one them may lead to the the generation of a wrong horoscope. This is why for people who do not have their Exact Birth Details we have got a special Vedic Astrology called "Prashna Kundali".

Under the unique Vedic system of Prashna Kundli the following vedic rules are taken into consideration:

  • The horoscopes in prashna kundali are made by taking the Date-Time on which the astrologer was queried by the native and at the place where the astrologer was queried.

  • A person can ask only 1 question at a time. Asking more than one question in the same prashna kundali may result into incorrect forecast by the astrologer.

  • This system of astrology is strictly based on the Vedas.

  • Only a well qualified astrologer can resolve the issues of a person through prashna kundali.

  • It is a horoscope based on the question and its details.

  • The forecasts made on this horoscope revolve around the asked question only.

Here by Online Astrology we mean providing you astrology services on phone/call, by E-Mail or through Instant Messaging.

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Rahul JainTexas, USA
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