Characteristics Attributed to the Rising Signs

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Let’s discuss the characteristics of rising signs (symbol) in the ascendant of a native, as it is imperative as signs (symbol) in the ascendant of a native, as it is imperative at this point. But before that there is one important aspect of astrology that we would like to mention for the benefit of the reader. In which sign or symbol is a planet considered to be in its own house(s)? Which are the exalted debilitated positions of the planets? Without this information, one may not be able to arrive at the correct inferences. The following table unfolds the details of that nature. In order to avoid confusion at this point, we have not mentioned the aspects (look) of the planets on the houses.

PlanetOwn House (Symbol)Exalted PositionDebilitated Position
JupiterSagittarius, PiscesCancerCapricorn
MarsAries, ScorpioCapricornCancer
VenusTaurus, LibraPiscesVirgo
MercuryGemini, VirgoVirgoPisces
SaturnCapricorn, AquariusLibraAries

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